Speaker Nights: January, February and March 2023

We’re so excited to announce our first Speaker Nights of 2023. We have three lined up for the coming months!

On the third Wednesday of the month, we host a Speaker Night to hear from a wide variety of hosts and to discuss topics related to editing, publishing, and more.

Speaker Nights are currently conducted through Zoom and are free of charge. If you’re planning on joining us for Speaker Night, let us know by emailing publicrelationsog@editors.ca with your name and Editors Canada branch/twig. You will receive the Zoom link via email in advance of the event.

January 18: The ISO Plain Language Standard with Gael Spivak

Join us for our first speaker night of 2023!

The International Organization for Standardization’s Plain Language Standard will be published early this year. Editors Canada past president Gael Spivak has been involved with this project since it began and will discuss the work and principles behind the new standard.

Time: 6:30pm to 8:00pm EST

February 15: Multilingual Editing with Badou Boussou

Are you bilingual or multilingual? Do you edit, or have you edited, in multiple languages? In this talk, Badou Bousso will take us through his linguistic journey as well as through the intricacies of being multilingual and working in multilingual contexts. Do you know the equivalent of “anglicism” in English? Have you ever edited for social media in multiple languages? Join us to find out more about the fun and challenges of doing language work in multilingual contexts.

Time: 6:30pm to 8:00pm EST

March 15: Zine Curation and Design with Isabelle Poirer and Ariane Bédard

In 2020, the Ottawa Design Club was formed to create a safe and inclusive space for local artists to share their work and meet people with similar passions. The club began curating zines to showcase art and creativity. Founders Isabelle Poirier and Ariane Bédard will join us to discuss curation, design, and creativity.

Time: 6:30pm to 8:00pm EDT

This event is free for members. Non-members are welcome to join for a $10.00 fee.

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