April Speaker Night: The Final Touch: Editing a Speech with Wendy Cherwinski

Speeches present editors with special challenges. After all, speeches are meant to be spoken and heard. And that makes them different from documents  written to be read silently on the page or screen. So, how can editors fine tune their skill set to add more value to the speechwriting process? Join us April 20 to find out from our guest Wendy Cherwinski, the spoken word strategist.  

Wendy will explain what editors can do to add polish and precision to speech drafts. In particular, she’ll cover how to write ‘out loud’, sharpen transitions, take the ‘numb’ out of numbers and heighten the impact of stories. As well, she’ll share the one thing every editor should do before passing a speech back to the speaker.

Date: Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Time: 6:30pm – 8:00pm EDT

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If you’re planning on joining us for Speaker Night, let us know by emailing publicrelationsog@editors.ca with your name, your Editors Canada branch/twig, and the Speaker Night you intend to attend. You will receive the Zoom link via email in advance of the event.

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